• KLX-D-218
Model No.: KLX-D-218


1. Design of double tower, bigger impurity will filter via first tower, and then second tower will
    filter higher precision. So the quality of fluid is more clear and stable.

2. Multi-function filtering operation, one way is two tower operate simultaneously, the other way is
    install controlling valve to shut down one tower, just operate single tower.

3. When the filter cores of the first tower was designed by filter bag , the first tower can be closed then
    the fluid flow to the second tower be filtered by controlling the first tower valve . It is not necessary
    to stop the operating that the the first tower can be cleaned internal part and exchange the filter

4. When the filter cores of first tower designed with lock(pressure) core filter、bellow filter and filter
    paper which can be controlled the valve to close the second tower and the liquid flowed to the first
    tower be filtered. It is no need to stop the operating that can clean the internal of second tower and
    exchange thefilter cores .Above mentioned actions can not influence the filter operation and pollute
    the fluid.

5. If both double towers is without filter bag type design, also can install device for easily to operate
    with active carbon mixing circulation equipment.

6. The filter body and spares are injection molded from PP plastic steel, featuring least welds, best leak
    proof , high temperature resistance and acid/alkaline resistance.

7. According to customer’s requirement, various filter elements for choice and easy to operate: Lock
    core filter , Pressure core filter, Pressure Layered Core Filter, Bag Filter, Paper Filter, and Bellow

8. Titanium (Ti) clamp set also can be provided as choice.

9. Standard accessories: flange (including packing and PVC screws).

10. Purchase accessories: switch (including guard), foot valve, check valve, flow-seeing tube, or filter 
      bag, etc