Filter Bag Type
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Model No.: Filter Bag
Filter Bag Type


1. Design of filter bag type, the impurities of fluid is filtered through the filter bag and collect them inside
    the bag. That is also easy to be cleaned.

2. The filter body and spares are injection molded from PP plastic steel, which are feature of least
    welding, to strong the capacity of leakproof, high temperature resistance, high temperature
    resistance and acid/alkaline resistance.

3. The filter provides high precision with wide area filtering, high efficiency, easy to operate and clean.

4. The filter bag is standard specification: #1 7”×16”L 、#2 7”×32”L、#3 4”×9”L、
    #4 4”×15”L,PP plastic wreath is manufactured by stitch or hot-melted model, and inside
    of filter body is no metals,the accuracy of filter bag is between 0.5~50u for choice, it can
    be applicable to various chemical liquid.

5. Titanium (Ti) clamp set also can be provided as choice.

6. The stand of filter bag type can fasten the filter tower and tube exactly.