LD Series
  • LD Series
Model No.: LD Series
LD Series


1. Specially designed cooling for shaft seal. The built-in Teflon bellow seal features automatic cooling performance without use of circulated cooling hose.

2. Vacuum self priming design. Extremely powerful self priming force. Built with a choke valve fully prevents liquid back-flow in the pump.

3. Superior corrosion-resistant performance. Material - CFRPP FRPP

4. Rear Cover and seal cover are one-piece injected without welding. Therefore, it makes repairing, assembling, and disassembling easier.

5. To prevent foreign matter from suction, foot valve should be installed in the inlet. To prevent from immediate backflow, check valve should be installed in the outlet. Backflow results in pump’s body damage and dry-running also damages to the pump.