KUOBAO magnetic drive sealless pump series are made of corrosion-resist and PP pump material for enhancing the capability of acid / alkaline resistance. The material of magnetic drive sealless pump can resist temperature up to100℃. In addtion, the magnetic drive sealless pump's motor is equipped with temperature protection device which avoids motor damaged due to high temperature caused by overload.

Eliminate the mechanical shaft seal design on the conventional pump of magnetic drive sealless pump and it fully eliminates the problem of environmental pollution due to pump damage, so the pump is sealless and non-leakage. On the other hand, the internal parts of magnetic drive sealless pump are fully standard for easy to dismantle, inspect, maintain, and assemble.

The magnetic drive sealless pump is widely applied in various industrial process, such as PCB process, chemical industry, circulated filtering, etching, plating, surface treatment, polluted water treatment, etc. If you have questions or interests in the magnetic drive sealless pump products, please don't hesitate to contact us.