In response to the [Kyoto Protocol], supplement of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and toward the goal for friendly environment, developed a new extremely energy-saving, low energy consumption and ultra-high efficiency of permanent magnet synchronous frequency motor and canned pump.

VPM Series permanent-magnet frequency canned pump, it is kind of product by ultra high efficiency permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion motor with canned pump specially integrated design. It is driven by permanent magnet rotor drives the canned pump internal impeller operating, so as to realize the function of the liquid transfered. With unique pioneered double back cover invention patent design, can effectively protect the motor when abnormal leakage immediately. And the use of the highest safety coefficient of the active leak sensor and other related invention patent design, can ensure that in the production process of various related industries that need to with high corrosion risk and high environmental requirements of the clean room assembly application. such as semiconductor, PCB, panel, electroplating, surface treatment, chemicals.....

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